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    Lengardo Guitars

    “It is easier to make a good instrument rather than explaining why it is a good instrument.”
    Roberto Upazzoli – CEO Phaselus S.A.

    I was often asked how we got to the idea of making guitars in an already over saturated market, and especially why we entered the manufacturing business of instruments whose innovation seems to have reached its peak a long time ago.

    The answer was surprisingly simple: musicians’ demand.
    Even if the market is inflated by instruments of any kind, most of them are religiously attached to the “philosophy” of the two most famous brands: guitars equipped either with two humbuckers or with three single coils.

    our passion

    Being in close contact with many professional guitarists and hearing their frequent complaints about the necessity of carrying multiple instruments with them all the time, made me realize that the market was lacking a more universal product: a guitar able to perform on stage with maximum flexibility, shifting from typically hambucker sounds to single coil sounds. The market can only offer guitar synths or sampling instruments that replicate vintage guitars sounds, but being a synthetic clone is also a big limit.

    Not only the sound isn’t natural and realistic, but these instruments also lack a personality of their own. Lengardo, a guitar based on flexibility, was inspired by the constant demand of many professional musicians for a universal product.
    The goal was achieved by using three pick-ups in most models: two split hambuckers with a central single coil, or even a piezoelectric on the bridge or a midi expansion as optional. The body is inspired to the most famous brands not to mimic the sound, but to let the musician avoid the struggle of adapting to new weights and proportions. Lengardo is not just “another copy” of a famous instrument, but an original universal product in a familiar shape.

    our products

    our vision

    We put together a series of instruments meant for professional use, featuring top quality for components and assembly for a reasonable price. Our products may look expensive at first sight if compared to competitors’ standard series, but Lengardo’s performance should in fact be paralleled to a “custom” series, becoming from this point of view a very convenient option.
    Our guitars are produced in small batches, allowing more time to check on every detail multiple times. We have two main sound options: a line featuring a more modern aggressive sound, mounting ceramic JBE pickups and a more vintage line that carries artisanal AINiCo pickups, mainly Flametone.

    Every instrument comes in multiple setups, with different bridges, mechanics, wiring and so on, and each piece is, in fact, already unique. Our customers can further customize their guitars and order a full custom piece, made to measure according to his particular specifications, materials and components.
    All our instruments are built in Czech Republic from woods of certified origin, finely selected by our luthiers. Our technicians double check and set-up each piece in our headquarters before delivering the product to the client. The inlays are purposely made of synthetic materials to avoid the restrictions set by the Washington Convention on animal and vegetal species preservation.