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      A solid body guitar with bolt on neck, alder body and fingerboard in maple or rosewood. A small body, with no edges, that perfectly fits the musician’s physiognomy. The body-neck bevel makes the instrument comfortable even in the most difficult positions. Electronics choice is literally unlimited: traditional configurations with three single pickups or HSS, handcrafted Flametones for a vintage sound, JBE for a modern sound, another version with 2 P90 handmade by Van Zandt, or a mini single mini or HSH versions with JBE pickups. The latter, thanks to a superswitch and an autosplit system, try to interpret the idea of "the absolute guitar" that many musicians have in mind: the odd positions, in fact, offer a Les Paul style configuration, with full Humbuckers. The second and fourth positions are typically Strat style, with a split Humbuker in counterphase with the single. The best of two opposing guitars brought together in a single instrument. In the custom series the mechanics are self-locking Schaller, while the bridge can be a choice of Gotoh or the new Floyd Rose Rail Tail.